Diligentia Foundation Grants for Empirical Research in Economics and the Social Sciences

The Diligentia Foundation for Empirical Research is a German charitable foundation. Each year, the Foundation offers funding for empirical and experimental research in economics or social sciences, which is either problem-oriented and theory-building, or which engages in theory and hypothesis testing. The projects should demonstrate innovative references of theory and practice, experience and science, which extend or supplement conventional understanding of empiricism.

The results should be testable in a real-world setting. Funding is also provided for the development of the methods required for this research.

Applicants can be one or more natural persons with a doctorate, who work in a state-recognised scientific institution in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

Grants amount to a maximum of €50,000 and are awarded to individuals (not institutions). The maximum funding period is three years, with the possibility of one cost neutral extension.

Applicants should submit a short application by the deadline of 28 February 2023.

Followng the review of submitted short applications, applicants whose proposals have been deemed high-priority in this initial selection stage will be invited to submit a full proposal.