Del Duca Foundation Grand Scientific Prize 2023 Competition

This prize of €275,000 will be awarded to fund a research group in Europe to investigate the specified scientific theme of ‘Earth’s Deep Activity’.

The Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation works to support literary, artistic and scientific achievements in France and beyond. It provides a range of annual prizes and grants in collaboration with the Academies of the Institute of France (Institut de France).

The Foundation’s Grand Scientific Prize is awarded on an annual basis to a European scientist, together with their team, who proposes an ambitious research project addressing a specified theme. Team members do not necessarily have to work in the same laboratory or unit.

For 2023, the prize topic is: Earth’s Deep Activity.

Proposals should focus on the monitoring of geographically active regions to better understand how major events are triggered and to anticipate their impacts on human societies.

The value of the prize is as follows:

  • €200,000 to finance the work of the award-winning research group.
  • €25,000 awarded to the director of the research group.
  • €50,000 towards the employment of one French or foreign postdoctoral researcher, to be selected by the group director, in the two years following the award of the prize.

Applications for the 2023 prize must be submitted by 24 January 2023 (23:59).

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