Colegrave Seabrook Foundation Scholarships Scheme Now Open

Awards and scholarships for horticulture students, individuals in the early days of their horticultural career and horticulture academics in the UK and Ireland.

The Colegrave Seabrook Foundation (CSF) – previously named the David Colegrave Foundation – is a registered charity supporting the development of students studying horticulture in the UK and Ireland.

Future horticulturists are supported by CSF’s Scholarships to enable the ornamental horticultural industry in the UK and Ireland to continue to thrive. Scholarships and awards cover various areas of interest such as trees, commercial horticulture, horticultural innovation and sustainability. The scholarships available are:

  • Ball Colegrave Sponsored Travel Scholarship: Supports individuals currently working within or aiming to work within the commercial bedding plant industry, looking to extend their knowledge and experience through exploring horticulture across the UK and Europe.
  • British Protected Ornamentals Association (BPOA)/Peter Seabrook Bursary: Offers support to students studying commercial horticulture. The scholarship is also available to schools and horticultural colleges to finance trips for students over 16 years of age to leading commercial horticultural establishments.
  • HortTech Award: This award supports the development of cutting-edge technologies in ornamental horticulture.
  • Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship: For current or recent horticultural students to carry out a work placement at a horticultural business in the US or Canada.
  • Horticultural Research Scholarship: Supports applied research within the horticulture industry. Students who are keen to pursue a research career in the horticultural industry are encouraged to apply (including undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students).
  • Blue Diamond Scholarship: Scholarships are open to all students undertaking a horticulture related course at a recognised college, university or a similar educational establishment in the UK. Students must be wishing to seek permanent full time employment in a commercial horticultural business on completion of their course.
  • Brian Crosby Scholarship: This scholarship is for horticulture students from the Northwest of England or for those who are studying horticulture in this area.
  • John Gibson Scholarship: Support for a student with a keen interest in environmental solutions and sustainable applications as applied to commercial horticulture.
  • Majestic Trees Travel Scholarship: Funding for a placement abroad at a tree nursery to learn about tree production. This also includes the opportunity for a work placement at Majestic Trees, which could become a permanent position.
  • Student Scholarship: Funding for students to support their studies in horticulture. Preference is given to candidates who have an interest in commercial and production ornamental horticulture, especially with an emphasis on the bedding, container, pot plant and cut flower sectors.

Scholarships are open to all students completing horticulture related courses in the UK and Ireland. Some scholarships also support academics and individuals who are in the early stage of their horticultural career.

Student applicants must be attending or enrolled to attend college, university or a similar educational establishment on a full or part-time basis with a view to seeking permanent full-time employment in commercial or production ornamental horticulture on completion of their course. Employed applicants should be working in commercial or production ornamental horticulture in the UK or Ireland.

Award values range from £1,000 to £5,000 depending on the scholarship. Funding can cover travel, study, placement and research costs.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 31 January 2023.