Closing the Gap IMPACT Accelerator Funding Call

Closing Date: 20/12/2021

Funding for knowledge mobilisation activities and impact that will help to reduce the health gap for people with severe mental health experience.

The Closing the Gap Network, led by researchers at the University of York and Keele University, is one of eight collaborative programmes in mental health funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of the 2018 Cross-Council Mental Health Plus call to further research in mental health. The objective of Closing the Gap is to understand why people with severe mental illness have some of the worst physical health issues of any section of the population and, ultimately, to improve the physical health and reduce the health inequalities for people with severe mental illness.

The Closing the Gap IMPACT Accelerator Funding Call aims to provide support for knowledge mobilisation activities and impact that address the challenge of reducing the health gap for people with severe mental health experience. This specifically relates to activities that will share existing research findings with specific knowledge user groups.

Closing the Gap encourages consideration of both knowledge mobilisation activity (such as creating specific resources tailored to a knowledge user group) and knowledge mobilisation research (such as reflecting on the process of creating resources to produce wider learning, or evaluating and reporting the impact of the resources to contribute to the evidence base on engagement and dissemination). Work that would be covered under this remit includes:

  • Production and evaluation of specific knowledge products. Knowledge products can include but are not limited to: accessible summaries, evidence briefings, interactive events or products (such as digital resources or shared-learning events), toolkits, guidelines.
  • Testing novel methodological approaches to co-designing evidence outputs with knowledge users.
  • Evaluation of the impact of evidence on knowledge users.
  • Collaborative work with ‘easy to ignore’ knowledge user groups to understand barriers to engaging with evidence.
  • Exploratory or mapping work to understand the different needs of different user groups (such as comparing service user and professional audiences).

‘Knowledge users’ can include service users and carers, health professionals, policy makers, commissioners, or voluntary and community sector organisations. All research findings relevant to the Network themes are considered eligible.

All proposals must meaningfully relate to improving the health of people with severe mental ill health. Applicants will be expected to show how they will define, assess and report impact.

Projects can last a maximum of nine months and must be completed by 31 December 2022.

Funding body UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
Maximum value £16,000
Reference ID S22694
Category Economic and Social Research
Medical Research

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