Cauldwell LymeCo General Grant Fund

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Grants to support research projects into Lyme disease, focusing on the development of diagnostics and effective treatments for all stages of Lyme disease.

Cauldwell LymeCo is a research charity that provides funding for research into Lyme disease. The main aim of the charity is to address the lack of viable diagnostics and treatments for Lyme disease and to further public awareness of Lyme disease.

The General Grant Fund provides discretionary grants to support researchers in the UK, USA and Europe conducting medium-term (one to three years) projects that aim to address the LymeCo research priorities:

  • Lyme disease diagnostics – finding a more accurate test for all stages of infection:
    • improving the sensitivity and accuracy of the current two-tier test
    • innovative new approaches to finding a different, more accurate test that does not rely solely on antibody response
    • developing testing for other tick-borne infections (co-infections) and research into the prevalence of these other infections in those who have Lyme disease
  • Finding effective treatment protocols for all stages of Lyme disease – the development of cost-effective treatments which cure all patients with Lyme disease:
    • Identifying alternative treatments – antibiotics or other drugs – which show effectiveness against the Borrelia bacteria, with a particular focus on those with a long term/chronic infection.
    • Seedcorn funding for replicating ideas from overseas projects that have shown promise.
    • Investigation into understanding the Borrelia bacteria and its behaviour/pathways within the body.
    • Research that develops knowledge of the risks and factors of transmission pathways of Borrelia bacteria, e.g. sexual, congenital, breast feeding, blood transfusions.
    • Epidemiological studies which collect data on incidence, presenting clinical features, management and outcome of Lyme disease in community and hospital settings in the UK.

Support is available for studies that facilitate and enable the progression of promising, basic research towards testing in clinical trials, and applied research with a strong, commercial potential that is likely to attract follow-on funding when the grant ends.

Funding body Cauldwell LymeCo
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S23469
Category Medical Research
Biotechnology and Biology

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