Carbon Monoxide Research Trust Main Grants

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Funding for organisations conducting research to reduce the incidents of death and injury from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure, including improved treatments, biomarker identification, solutions to mitigate risk and measuring the scale of CO poisoning in the UK.

The CO Research Trust (formerly the Gas Safety Trust) is an independent registered charity that supports research, awareness, campaigning and educational activities to reduce the incidents of death and injury from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure.

Funding for the Trust is mainly derived from its fund-raising arm, CORGI Services Ltd, which donates profits to support grants for organisations to carry out research and evidence gathering relating to CO safety.

The CO Research Trust provides funding to a wide range of organisations, including charities, voluntary groups, associations, social housing associations, local authorities, statutory organisations and academic organisations, for research that supports its chosen areas of focus, which include:

  • To improve the diagnosis of CO poisoning – by finding a new biomarker
  • To understand the mechanics of CO poisoning – to improve treatments
  • To understand the co-morbidities in vulnerable groups – to develop solutions to mitigate risk
  • To measure the scale of CO poisoning in the UK
  • To understand the impact of building regulations and energy efficiency on CO safety
  • To understand the level of risk in the use of solid fuels
  • To improve detection where the risk of CO exposure cannot be eliminated

Projects must have a specified objective and time frame, including medical research. Applications will be considered for any length of programme/project, including medical research.

Funding body CO Research Trust
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S24338
Category Medical Research
Engineering and Physical Sciences
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