Call for Proposals Launch under the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail)

A total of 10 Call Topics have been launched under the second Call for Proposals to launch under EU-Rail in 2022.

The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) aims to deliver a more attractive, user-friendly, competitive, affordable, easy to maintain, efficient and sustainable rail system throughout Europe. The partnership succeeds the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking and will operate until 2031. It aims to deliver a high-capacity, flexible, multi-modal and reliable integrated European railway network by eliminating barriers to interoperability and providing solutions for full integration, for European citizens and cargo.

EU-Rail is accepting applications under the second Call for Proposals to launch in 2022, which contributes to the Flagship Area 7 ‘Innovation on new approaches for guided transport modes’ (Destination 7) and to the ‘Exploratory Research and other activities’ (Destination 8) described in the Europe’s Rail Multi-Annual Work Plan. The call is structured between these two Destinations, and each Call Topic is designed to generate a single project.

The 10 call topics and their respective budgets are as follows:

Destination 7

  • Bridge Dynamics – €1 million
  • Building a Community of Scientific Research and Enabling A Network of PhD (Academia Teaming with Industry) – €2 million
  • DAC Migration Roadmap towards Deployment – €1.5 million
  • Digitalisation and Automation Enabling New Railway Services for Passengers and Freight – €700,000
  • European Value Chains for Rail Supply – €700,000
  • New Railway Station Concept for Green and Socially Inclusive Smart Cities – €700,000
  • Standardised offer/contract management for agile access to Rail Freight and multimodal services in EU – €1.3 million

Destination 8

  • Conceptual development of Automated Multi-Modal Mobility-Systems (‘Moving Infrastructures’) – €3 million
  • Hyperloop Industrial Roadmap and Pilots – €2.3 million
  • Technological development of Maglev-derived Systems – €1.5 million

Applications to all Call Topics should be submitted by the 14 December 2022 deadline.