British Academy Global Convening Programmes

Funding available to support major new three-year programmes of internationally convened researchers.

The British Academy is aiming to support international programmes that convene researchers internationally together over three years to develop sustained engagement across disciplines and borders. The Academy envisages the awards made through this call will excel in achieving the following expectations:

  • An ambitious, beyond the state-of-the-art programme that breaks new ground, that will achieve a significant change related to the policy-related problem/challenge focused on, at a global level.
  • An internationally convened body of researchers with engagement across multiple, and potentially all, regions of the world. The programme will develop a diverse and equitable international partnership that is transparent and based on mutual respect.
  • A highly interdisciplinary body of researchers that includes both the humanities and the social sciences at its core and may include other disciplines beyond.
  • A novel exchange of ideas and co-creation of knowledge with wider stakeholders through identifying areas with the Academy to catalyse change in and translate knowledge with industry, practice, policy and society.

Applications must be related to the themes below of Just Transitions, What is a good city?, Global (Dis)Order. These are to provide a framing for the call. The Academy wishes to encourage novel thinking rather than offering a pre-designed idea of the challenge.

In relation to these themes, the Academy wishes to emphasise the importance of developing an international and interdisciplinary collaboration, incorporating a wide range of regionally and historically constructed understandings and narratives.

Each Expression of Interest must include a core team of 6-8 researchers based in the UK and internationally. This core team must include two programme leads. One of these must be based in the UK. In the wider team, there must be at least four participants not based in the UK.

The programme leads must be researchers in a discipline within the social sciences or the humanities.

The core team must be of postdoctoral or above status (or have equivalent research experience). One of the programme leads must hold an established role in an eligible UK university or research institute. That programme lead’s position must last at least the duration of the grant funded by the Academy.

Awards will be for around £500,000 per annum each.

Programmes will be three years in duration. All programmes will begin by the end of 2022.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted online using the British Academy’s Grant Management System (GMS), Flexi-Grant® by 6 July 2022 (5pm UK time).

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