Breast Cancer Now Project Grants Launch for 2022

Funding is available for innovative research projects into breast cancer and its treatment.

Breast Cancer Now is a charitable organisation with the objective of researching a cure for breast cancer. It works to be a leading specialist in breast cancer research across the UK and Ireland, making a significant impact for the benefit of patients.

Breast Cancer Now provides Project Grants to support proposals that aim to achieve scientific excellence and innovative research advances in the field of breast cancer. Research will be funded that supports improvements in the prevention, detection and treatment of all forms of breast cancer.

Projects should meet one or more of Breast Cancer Now’s key strategic objectives as outlined in its 2021-25 strategy, specifically:

  • Improving treatments, care and services for those affected by secondary breast cancer.
  • Improving support for the physical and mental health, and the emotional wellbeing of people affected by breast cancer.
  • Developing kinder, smarter treatments for people with breast cancer and improving access to treatments for those affected.
  • Improving detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • Furthering understanding of why breast cancer occurs and spreads and using knowledge to help prevent breast cancer developing.

Applicants should be based within the UK or Ireland in a recognised university, research institution, or NHS trust. They must have conducted independent research in the field of breast cancer or be an experienced researcher in a related field, and wish to build on their history and reputation in the breast cancer area, deepening their knowledge and experience. Applicants may be new to breast cancer research, but the proposed team must include people with relevant breast cancer expertise.

Lead applicants must hold employment or honorary (if a clinical academic) contracts that extend beyond the period of the grant and be able to lead their own independent research for the duration of the award. However, lead applicants with a fixed-term position may apply, but cannot request costs for their salary.

Collaborative applications from within the UK and Ireland are welcome, although the contracted grant (and associated funding arrangements) will be with the Lead Applicant’s institution. Co-Applicants and Collaborators are permitted from outside the UK and Ireland.

Projects can last up to three years. Projects with a shorter duration will be considered but must be fully justified.

Project grants are available up to the value of £250,000. This amount may be used flexibly across the three years, but may not be exceeded. Awards can cover items such as staff salary, research expenses and essential equipment totalling no more than £5,000. A total of £1,900 may be used for conference costs.

Applications should be submitted by the 25 May 2022 (16:00) deadline.

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)