Brain Tumour Charity Translational Award

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Funding to support the translational and early phase development of potential new diagnostics, drugs or devices to treat brain tumours.

The Brain Tumour Charity is the UK’s largest medical research charity dedicated to brain tumour research. It is committed to fighting all forms of brain tumour and provides a range of funding for pioneering scientific and clinical research. Its updated research strategy for 2022-2027 – Accelerating a Cure – aims to support research to double survival in the UK and halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life. One of its objectives is to advance the development of two new treatments to evaluation in clinical trials by 2027.

The Brain Tumour Charity is launching a new Translational Award to support the early phase development of potential new diagnostics, drugs and devices to treat brain tumours. The objective is to link academic work with industry standard drug discovery to bridge the gap between academic R&D and the delivery of new treatments to clinic.

Project funding will cover industry drug discovery work in parallel with biological research, to advance critical drug discovery and allow for large scale testing to accelerate the development of new treatments.

Projects should:

  • Demonstrate a clear pathway to patient benefit.
  • Have strong scientific rationale.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to revolutionise treatments and/or clinical decision making.
  • Have the potential to produce novel intellectual property.
  • Ideally be between the point of in vivo proof of concept and the pre-clinical stage of drug discovery.
Funding body Brain Tumour Charity
Maximum value £2,200,000
Reference ID S25552
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Medical Research
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