BMS Research Grant

Closing Date: 31/03/2024

Funding for fungal biology research-related activities.

The British Mycological Society (BMS) is a registered charity founded in 1896 to promote the scientific study of fungi in all their diversity. Since then it has grown to be one of the major mycological societies in the world. Membership to BMS is open to all who are interested in promoting and learning about fungi. It has member sections devoted to particular aspects of the fungal world including research into many aspects of fungal science, the conservation and recording of fungal fruitbodies and the provision of educational resources.

BMS Research Grants are provided to fund fungal biology research-related activities at different levels. A range of activities may be supported, for example:

  • Small contribution (up to £2,000): Laboratory consumables and small equipment, travel and subsistence costs related to the development of a new line of research.
  • Large contribution (over £2,000): Pump prime new research direction or idea, new investigator start-up projects, training placements at non-host institutions.
Funding body British Mycological Society (BMS)
Maximum value £10,000
Reference ID S25813
Category Biotechnology and Biology
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