Blood Cancer UK Launches £1 Million Transformational Research Awards

Blood Cancer UK’s five-year research strategy focuses on bringing forward the day when no one dies of blood cancer or its treatments. In line with this strategy, Blood Cancer UK has launched a new, annual Transformational Research Awards scheme.

This Awards scheme will provide funding to support large-scale, high-quality research projects over five years that have significant potential to be transformative for people with any form of blood cancer. It is designed to support advanced pre-clinical translational research, clinical studies or trials, or the establishment of the evidence required for the uptake of improved treatments or technologies into the NHS.

For this year, applications should focus on progressing:

  • The development, testing or clinical uptake of better and kinder treatments.
  • The development, testing or implementation of novel diagnostics, imaging, or other technologies.
  • Improvements to current clinical practice, disease management or quality of life for people living with blood cancer.

Up to three awards will be made.

Applications are invited from scientists, clinicians or healthcare professionals employed by a UK university, medical school, hospital or other recognised academic research organisation. Applicants should have some postdoctoral research experience or equivalent.

Lead applicants should have a permanent or long-term rolling contract, with their salary paid by the host organisation for the duration of the award.

Grants will be awarded for up to five years and will be for a maximum of £1 million.

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