BERA Research Commission: A Survey of Education Researchers’ Perceptions of Their Work

Closing Date: 25/10/2021

Funded research commission opportunity seeking an experienced team of researchers to carry out a survey of education researchers’ perceptions of their work and identities in relation to education research in universities in the UK.

The British Educational Research Association (BERA) is a member-led organisation devoted to supporting educational researchers and promoting high quality research in education. It works to enhance the field of study, the growth of public knowledge and critical understanding and the application of findings for the improvement of educational policy and practice.

BERA is conducting an ongoing research project, ‘Education: The State of the Discipline’, as a core part of its strategic plan, to examine and better understand how various changes have affected the state of education within the four nations of the UK. The outputs of the project will help BERA inform its internal decision-making processes and continue to advocate for educational research.

To inform the next stage of this project, BERA is seeking to commission an experienced team of researchers to carry out a survey, between January and April 2022, of education researchers’ perceptions of their work and identities in relation to education research in universities.

The purposes of the survey are to:

  • Provide robust data about the state of education as an academic discipline in universities in the UK.
  • Examine the structures and processes that influence opportunity for, and engagement in, research activity for staff working in university education departments.

The survey will permit insight into the current situation within the discipline of education in relation to the experiences of individuals undertaking educational research across the UK.

The survey will need to ensure a balance of participants at different stages of their career including ECRs, across all four nations of the UK, and ensure ethnic diversity in the respondents.

Areas of importance to BERA that the survey will need to address include different career stages (e.g. early, mid and late-stage); differences between the four nations of the UK; career mobility including international mobility within and outside the UK; ethnicity, sex, gender identity, dis/ability; employment contract type (casual/permanent, teaching/research).

The successful applicants will be required to take account of a prior Strategic Review (SR) when agreeing the final design of the survey with BERA. Commissioned by BERA in January 2020, and conducted by the universities of Dundee and Exeter, the SR was designed to inform this survey by reviewing research on the structures and processes – both formal and informal – that influence research activities in the UK. The SR has identified some distinct themes which could inform its development. The final report on the SR was submitted to BERA in May 2021 and will be published in September 2021.

Funding body British Educational Research Association (BERA)
Maximum value £50,000
Reference ID S22709
Category Arts and Humanities

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