Applications Open for World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) Research Grants

Funding consisting of investigator initiated, pilot and feasibility grants for research focusing on cancer prevention and survival by investigating links to diet, nutrition, body composition and physical activity.

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) is based in the UK but works at a global level on cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity.

WCRF Research Grants aim to support innovative and original research into the role of diet, nutrition and physical activity in either cancer prevention or cancer survivorship, as follows:

  • Cancer prevention – Research into the links relating diet, nutrition, body composition and physical activity, and primary prevention of cancer.
  • Cancer survivors – Focuses on individuals who have received a cancer diagnosis.

The scheme’s research themes are:

  • Mechanisms – Covers molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms that help explain the biological connection between relevant exposures and cancer development or progression.
  • Host factors – Encompasses factors that might explain the variability between people in their susceptibility to cancer or the biological abnormalities predisposing to it. It also applies to the variability in outcomes after a cancer diagnosis, including in response to treatment.
  • Evidence for impact in cancer survivors – Covers research into the role that diet, nutrition (including body composition) and physical activity can play in, for instance, reducing the side-effects of treatment, improving quality of life during and after the completion of treatment, reducing the risk of distant metastasis, second primaries and local cancer recurrence, and ultimately prolonging survival.

Funding is available for investigator initiated grants (IIGs), and pilot and feasibility grants (PFGs). IIGs are for researchers working on WCRF’s research areas and themes. PFGs are intended as start-up funds for preliminary research to allow the development of innovative ideas, new methodologies and new research tools relevant to WCRF’s research themes.

Grants are open to Principal Investigators based at research institutions in any country outside the Americas (North America, Central America (including the Caribbean) and South America).

Eligible institutions are universities, medical schools, hospitals, research institutes and other academic centres. Principal Investigators must hold a research position at the host institution for the duration of the project. A maximum of five applications will be accepted from one institution in any one grant cycle.

IIGs are awarded up to a maximum of £350,000 for up to four years, with a limit of £100,000 for any one year. PFGs are for a maximum of £60,000 in total for up to two years.

There is a two-stage application process consisting of a mandatory outline proposal followed by an invited full application. Outline applications must be submitted by the deadline of 6 November 2023 (17:00 GMT).

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