ANR Launches the Second Wave of An Ocean of Solutions Call

Funding is available to support interdisciplinary research projects in the field of ocean science and marine conservation in France.

The Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR – National Research Agency) was first established in 2005 and is governed by the French Ministry of Research. It provides funding to public research organisations and universities, as well as to private companies, for both basic and applied research in all fields of science.

The ANR ‘An Ocean of Solutions’ call for projects aims to fund interdisciplinary, ambitious and structured research projects that focus on the assessment and anticipation of global changes of anthropogenic origin that have an impact on the oceans. The call also aims to support projects focusing on identifying solutions for the protection of the ocean, the preservation of ecosystem services and the sustainable and equitable usage of the oceans. One of this call’s main objectives is to improve knowledge on the processes that determine the ocean’s dynamics and marine socio-ecosystems.

Research projects must support the transition of disciplinary research on the ocean (physics, biology, economy etc) to integrative and interdisciplinary research, which is able to respond to the United Nations Decade’s challenges for ocean science in addition to European issues (Green Deal, Starfish mission) and French societal and geostrategic issues.

These projects must focus on the four following priority areas for which major environmental, economic and strategic issues have been identified:

  • The polar oceans.
  • French overseas territories.
  • The deep ocean.
  • Vulnerable metropolitan marine and coastal areas.

Research projects must also respond to seven challenges. The duration of research projects must be between four and six years.

Interdisciplinary approaches (collaborations between disciplines such as human and social sciences, life sciences, environmental sciences, cosmology, engineering sciences) and/or transdisciplinary are encouraged.

This call is part of France 2030.

Within their consortium, projects must include at least two establishments of higher education and research (university, school, national research organisation).

Partnerships with companies, public authorities, local authorities and other stakeholders are encouraged. However, those organisations will not be able to receive any funding other than prestations de service (provision of services).

The budget of the submitted projects must not be less than €1 million For challenge seven, the minimum amount of funding must be €500,000 and the maximum amount requested must be €1.5 million.

Applications for the 2023 call must be submitted by the deadline of 23 November 2023 (11:00 Paris time).

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)