Alcohol Change UK: Research on Alcohol Delivery Services

Closing Date: 01/12/2023

Funding to conduct a research study to gain insight into the behaviour of adults who regularly order alcohol for delivery.

Alcohol Change UK is an independent charitable organisation that focuses on developing knowledge and improving policy and regulation to significantly reduce alcohol harm in the UK.

Alcohol Change UK has issued this Invitation to Tender – Research on Alcohol Delivery Services – to commission a project to learn more about adults who regularly order alcohol for delivery – including when, how often and why they do so, and how this impacts their drinking choices and behaviour and on those around them.

The research questions that the study is seeking to address are:

  • Who is ordering alcohol for delivery and why?
  • What is the relationship between alcohol deliveries and hazardous and/or harmful drinking?

The project will entail a comprehensive survey of adult consumers, analysis of which will help gain a clearer picture of who is using these services and their motivations for doing so.

The aims of the study are to understand:

  • Who is (regularly) ordering alcohol for delivery, with particular regard to age, gender, urban/semi-rural/rural location, and drinking levels.
  • The types of retailers from which alcohol is typically ordered for delivery.
  • People’s motivations for first using and continuing to order alcohol for delivery, including for example the price of the products and service, convenience, and anonymity.
  • Whether ordering alcohol for delivery, including the frequency in doing so, the volume of alcohol purchased, and the speed of delivery, is associated with heavier drinking.
  • Whether alcohol purchased in this way is replacing other drinking occasions or is consumed in addition to other drinking occasions.
  • Whether people have ordered alcohol and/or had delivered when they were intoxicated.

The research should comprise an online survey of at least 4,000 adults in England, Scotland and Wales who have recently ordered alcohol for delivery (a minimum of 5% of respondents should be based in Wales).

The key deliverable will be a full report describing the findings from the research, in a suitable electronic format and of a suitable standard for Alcohol Change UK to publish on its website and to share widely with stakeholders and the public. The raw data from the survey should also be submitted.

Funding body Alcohol Change UK
Maximum value £10,000
Reference ID S25771
Category Economic and Social Research
Medical Research
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