AHRC Seeks Fellows to Engage the Public with the BBC’s Past and Future

Funding available to develop ways to engage the public in the context of the BBC’s centenary.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) are looking for two researchers to be at the heart of the centenary of the BBC in 2022. The selected BBC engagement fellows will use their current research to amplify and explore one of two thematic fellowship areas through a range of innovative engagement activities across the centenary year.

The aims of the opportunity are to:

  • Deliver an innovative programme of public engagement, test new approaches and ambitiously build and develop networks
  • Be based on excellent original research that clearly speaks to the selected fellowship and that will enrich and amplify its stated focus
  • Challenge and engage with established narratives around the BBC as it marks its centenary
  • Clearly identify relevant audiences and their needs
  • Identify fellows with a flair for impact and engagement and to support their professional development and honing of their skills and expertise
  • Put in place clear and relevant plans for monitoring and evaluating the programme of proposed activity

One of the fellowships will be focused on the historical context of the BBC and the second fellowship will look at the future of the broadcast media.

BBC History 100

This fellowship should reflect on existing research and engage diverse audiences around the story of the BBC in its first 100 years. Whether focusing on:

  • The broadcast pioneers (in front of or behind the camera or microphone)
  • The role of the BBC in fulfilling its mission to ‘inform, educate and entertain’
  • The place that the organisation has played in connecting communities and diverse audiences

Future media

This fellowship should use the opportunity of the BBC’s centenary to consider how the way we’re consuming and engaging with linear and interactive content is changing, and how that’s leading to technological innovation into the future. There will be opportunities to engage with:

  • AHRC major investments, such as the Creative Industries Clusters programme
  • Centre for Cultural Value
  • Partners such as the Edinburgh Television Festival

AHRC’s standard eligibility criteria applies.

Applications from early career researchers are particularly encouraged.

The maximum limit for applications is £150,000 (full economic cost). AHRC will fund 80% of the costs.

The start date of the fellowship must be 1 January 2022. The duration of the fellowship must be 12 months.

Applications should be submitted by the deadline of 22 September 2021 (4pm UK time).