AFRUK Launches New COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Programme

AFRUK Launches New COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Programme

Animal Free Research UK (AFRUK), the working name of the Dr Hadwen Trust, was established in 1970 as a non-animal research charity and seeks to fund high-calibre, animal-replacement research.

AFRUK’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Programme wishes to explore new ideas in animal-free research that directly relate to ongoing COVID-19 research. To deliver the initiative, AFRUK is working in partnership with Kirkstall Ltd, a UK-based biotechnology company that seeks to advance human-relevant science.

Funding will be given for Kirkstall Quasi Vivo Systems, technical support and consumables. A Quasi Vivo System is an advanced interconnected cell culture flow system, specifically designed to provide a solution to the problems researchers encounter when using conventional in vitro and in vivo research methods. The aim is to integrate the Kirkstall Quasi Vivo System into current and ongoing animal free research projects relating to COVID-19, including:

Diagnostic tests.

Disease development.

Drug identification/testing.

There are a number of Quasi Vivo Systems available (Kirkstall QV500 cell culture chamber, QV600 chamber and QV900 6-chamber optical tray) and the required system should be indicated on the proposal.

The scheme is open to UK universities and research institutions carrying out animal-free research on COVID-19. Applications should be submitted by an established investigator.

Five grants are available to cover:

One Quasi Vivo System worth up to £1,300.

Specialist technical support.

Consumables budget of £500.

The Quasi Vivo equipment will be given on the condition that it is used only for animal-free COVID-19 research.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 11 May 2020 (17:00). Proposals will be assessed as a priority and a decision will be made within 10-14 days of the deadline.

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