Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling Opens Postgraduate and Data Analysis Grants

The Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling (AFSG) is a group of academic researchers in the UK dedicated to advancing research that will effectively prevent, reduce, and address gambling harm. The purpose of the AFSG is to act as a coordinated body to assert the importance of rigorous, independent research to prevent, reduce, and address gambling harm in the UK.

The AFSG provides funding opportunities with funds from regulatory settlements for socially responsible purposes. The following opportunities are now accepting applications:

AFSG Secondary Data Analysis Grants

These grants enable applicants to conduct analyses on high-quality datasets that assess the relationship between gambling involvement and gambling related harm. Newer datasets are preferred. Proposed analyses should be generalisable to the UK.

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The AFSG encourages the involvement of Experts by Experience (EbE) or Lived Experience Experts (LEE) in all stages of the research process. Applications that demonstrate involvement and specific considerations of EbE/LEE will be given preference during the adjudication process.

Two awards will be granted, valued at up to £20,000 each, depending on the scale of the project (including all expenses, direct and indirect, and all applicable taxes). The duration of the project is 12 months.

AFSG Postgraduate Research Support Grants

These grants enable PhD students and those holding postdoctoral positions to offset the costs of conducting research that directly or indirectly informs efforts to address gambling-related harm. Research projects must be rigorous and independent, and open science practices are encouraged.

Applicants must be registered as a PhD student or hold a postdoctoral research position with a UK university.

The grants are valued at £3,300 each and can last up to 12 months. A total of four grants are available.

In all cases, applicants must be members of the AFSG. AFSG membership is free-of-charge and open to anyone affiliated or working with a UK university who is interested in conducting or co-creating independent research on gambling-related harm. Those interested are invited to consult the AFSG Membership webpage for further details.

Full proposals should be submitted via email by the 14 May 2024 (23:59 GMT) deadline.

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