2023 UK Space Agency Space Placement in Industry (SPIN) Award Open

Funding available to support the provision of internships within the UK space sector for university students.

The Space Placements in Industry (SPIN) funding scheme supports the aims of the UK Space Agency by encouraging and supporting the provision of internships within the space sector for university students. In doing so, it helps address the skills needs of the UK space sector, improving awareness of the UK’s space programme and the skills in most need across the sector. The scheme also supports organisations across the UK space community in their efforts to assure the skills that the sector needs for the continuing growth and sustainability of the workforce.

Eligible organisations include academic or research institutions (including schools, universities, research councils and UK Space Agency partners), charities, trusts and companies (including not-for-profit).

Eligible internship candidates include undergraduate or postgraduate university students, the latter must have the approval of their supervisor. It is expected that interns will be studying at UK universities and all must have the right to work in the UK.

Students must be registered with an educational establishment at the time of their application.

The Agency anticipates a total of at least £150,000 will be available for financial year 2023/24. Applications are invited for small grants up to a maximum of £3,750. Applicants can apply for funding for up to 100% of eligible project costs.

Applications must be submitted by 31 March 2023 (17:00 BST).

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