2020 International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences Joint Call

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) is an Institute of Advanced Study where scientists from all over the world meet in a multi- and interdisciplinary setting to reach out for new scientific horizons. The 2020 Joint Call made by ISSI and ISSI-BJ (International Space Science Institute – Beijing), two Institutes sharing the same Science Committee and operating their research activities using the same study tools.

The Call is open to scientists of any nationality actively involved in either of the following research fields:

Space Sciences: Magnetospheric and Space Plasma Physics, Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Solar and Heliospheric Physics, Planetary Sciences, Astrobiology, Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Fundamental Physics in Space.

Earth Sciences using space data.

Proposals for study projects are solicited from international Teams of scientists from different institutes and different countries. A minimum of four different countries is recommended. Teams typically consist of 8-12 members and gender balance among the team members is encouraged. Once a Team is accepted, 15-20% of the total grant will be added for young scientists.

The living expenses of team members, while residing in Bern or in Beijing, will be provided, as will equipment such as rooms, facilities, computers, internet connection etc. Travel costs will only be reimbursed to the team leader.

Successful applicants for International Teams can organise all or part of their team meetings either in Bern or in Beijing, but applicants are required to show the “added value” of ISSI or ISSI-BJ in the application and must indicate clearly if they are applying for ISSI, for ISSI-BJ, or for both.

Letters of Intent must be submitted by 13 February 2020 with full proposals due by 25 March 2020

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