Wazoku Crowd Reduction to Practice Challenge: Instant Solutions to Reduce Deep Wrinkles

Closing Date: 16/01/2023

Innovation challenge seeking ideas for novel ways to provide simple, effective, fast-working and long-lasting methods for cosmetic reduction of deep wrinkles that would be compatible with consumers’ daily routines.

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This Wazoku Crowd Reduction to Practice (RTP) Challenge – Instant Solutions to Reduce Deep Wrinkles – is seeking innovative ideas for methods to provide immediate and long-lasting cosmetic reduction of deep wrinkles.

Proposed methods should be non-invasive, have a dramatic effect (exceeding the efficiency of currently available products), work within 30 minutes of application, and last for 8-10 hours.

Funding body Wazoku Crowd
Maximum value 30,000 USD
Reference ID S24653
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
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