Versus Arthritis Bridging Fellowships

Closing Date: 19/10/2022

Fellowships are available for current Versus Arthritis Fellows in the UK to bridge them to their next fellowship application or academic post.

Versus Arthritis is a charity based in the UK formed in 2018 following a merger of Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK. The charity works alongside volunteers, healthcare professionals, researchers and those affected by arthritis to help develop breakthrough treatments, campaign for arthritis to be seen as a priority and to provide support to those affected by the condition.

The Versus Arthritis Bridging Fellowships are designed for researchers who are currently in their final year of a Versus Arthritis fellowship. This bridging fellowship will allow these researchers to continue the development of an independent research career and to progress towards more senior appointments.

Funding body Versus Arthritis
Maximum value £150,000
Reference ID S24115
Category Medical Research
Biotechnology and Biology
Fund or call Fund