Sea-Changers Innovation Fund

Closing Date: 18/09/2022

Support for projects to develop new or experimental solutions to address marine conservation challenges in the UK.

Sea-Changers is a marine conservation charity that provides several grant funds to support communities, groups and non-profit organisations working to raise awareness of marine conservation and protect the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife.

The Sea-Changers Innovation Fund supports ideas or projects that provide new and/or experimental solutions to address conservation challenges facing the UK marine environment, such as those caused by climate change, pollution, over-fishing and the decline of key marine species.

Support is available for innovations that may:

  • Address the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.
  • Prevent or reduce negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and/or species.
  • Add to the body of knowledge about marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK and ways to overcome them.

Project approaches could include:

  • Research – for example, innovative citizen science projects or new ways to measure and monitor marine environmental issues.
  • Direct action – for example, innovative approaches to coastal clean-up or new solutions to reduce pollution.
  • Species protection – for example, projects that support, replenish or protect threatened marine species in new ways.
  • Education/community engagement – for example, projects that educate and involve businesses, people and communities in marine conservation in ways that are previously untested.

Applications are invited from all types of organisations, including not-for-profits, companies and educational institutions, which have an idea or a project they believe is a genuinely new and untested solution.

Projects may, for example, involve the development of a prototype or model, or the piloting of an early-stage development to gather evidence of efficacy. Projects could also involve solutions that are proven in other parts of the world but require testing in the UK marine environment.

Funding body Sea-Changers
Maximum value £10,000
Reference ID S23973
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Natural Environment
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