SAEMF Geriatric Emergency Medicine Research Catalyst Grant

Closing Date: 01/08/2023

Grant funding is available to early career researchers around the world to carry out research in geriatric emergency medicine to improve emergency care and quality of life of older patients.

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) is a professional organisation for emergency medicine academicians based in the United States. SAEM was formed in 1989 from the amalgamation of the University Association for Emergency Medicine (UAEM) and the Society of Teachers of Emergency Medicine (STEM). SAEM provides various grants through the SAEM Foundation (SAEMF), a 501(c)(3) public charity which aims to improve emergency patient care through supporting the development of innovative researchers, expert educators and future academic emergency medicine leaders.

The SAEMF Geriatric Emergency Medicine Research Catalyst Grant is provided to address research questions leading to improved emergency care and quality of life of older patients, as well as provide catalyst funding for pursuit of federal or other funding that leads to improving the quality of emergency care received by older patients. This award can also be used for preliminary data collection, analysis, or collection of pilot data that will further support greater research endeavours.

Grant proposals should address one or more research priorities below:

  • Development of strategies to improve the diagnoses, prognoses, management and outcomes of emergent conditions in older adults.
  • Improved triage, assessment, prognoses, management and outcome of geriatric trauma including motor vehicle accidents (issues pertaining to older drivers).
  • Reduction in complications due to medication use in older adults including polypharmacy, increased adverse events, medication reconciliation.
  • Research focused on prevention, identification, management outcomes of common geriatric syndromes including falls, cognitive impairment, delirium, multiple chronic conditions and/or functional decline.
  • Identification and management of elder abuse, suicide risk/prevention and/or substance abuse.
  • Management of pain and/or palliative care in older adults.
  • Strategies to reduce frequent and/or prompt recidivism (recurrent ED revisits) including employing paramedicine, telemedicine and alternative settings to pre-empt ED visits and/or to provide a safe disposition for older adults.
  • Improvement in communication involving primary care providers, caregivers, specialists, hospital staff.
  • Recognition and management strategies of persons with cognitive impairment with emergent conditions including addressing possible environmental and provider contributors.
  • Addressing advance care planning and end-of-life care in the setting of emergent medical issues and/or trauma.

The proposal is expected to:

  • Be measurable and reproducible.
  • Provide evidence-based research that advances the field of geriatric emergency medicine.
  • Address patient outcomes or education in geriatric emergency medicine.

The awardee should submit an abstract reporting the results of the project for presentation at the SAEM Annual Meeting, and publish a manuscript arising from the project in a peer-reviewed journal within two years of completing the award.

A mentor is required.

Funding body Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
Maximum value 10,000 USD
Reference ID S25068
Category Medical Research
Fund or call Fund