Roger Thornton Award

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Travel support is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK undertaking research on audiology to present at scientific conferences.

The British Society of Audiology (BSA) was established in 1967 with the aim of advancing research, learning, practice and impact within the field of audiology. It is the largest learnt audiology society in Europe and acts as an interface between researchers and healthcare practitioners as well as other groups (educationalists, government, independent sector, professional bodies, patient groups and third sector organisations).

The Roger Thornton Award is a Memorial Fund created in honour of Professor Roger Thornton to support students to attend and present their research at scientific conferences, and gain a broader perspective of audiological research. Professor Roger Thornton was an expert in auditory electrophysiology who developed the clinical use of the human auditory brainstem response (ABR) to identify tumours of the auditory brainstem and measurement of the cochlear travelling wave velocity. He also coordinated a major study which helped form the foundation upon which the English newborn hearing screening programme was built.

Priority will be given to the following applications:

  • Research aligned to one of the BSA special interest groups.
  • Research in electrophysiology.
  • Invited oral presentation.
  • National or international event.
  • Well-written and clearly described abstract.
Funding body British Society of Audiology (BSA)
Maximum value £1,000
Reference ID S25014
Category Medical Research
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