Reporters d’Espoirs European Young Reporter Prize

Closing Date: 30/06/2023

A prize is available for European candidates to reward French-language journalistic work focused on solutions to global problems.

Reporters d’Espoirs (Reporters of Hopes) is a French organisation reconnue d’intérêt general, established in 2005. The mission of the organisation is to promote journalism that encourages positive action. Reporters d’Espoirs works with journalists and the media to refine, develop and experiment with solutions journalism in France, Europe and elsewhere.

The European Young Reporter Prize rewards young journalists who cover topics that are of interest to Reporters d’Espoir. The Prize is awarded to journalistic pieces that cover successful initiatives (whether they are community- or business-oriented, public or private) that address broad challenges (eg social, economic, ecological issues) and contribute to building an inspiring, united and sustainable society. The pieces are expected to:

  • Be 5-10 pages long, comprising 7,500-15,000 characters, spaces included.
  • Be written entirely in French.
  • Include testimony from at least one person.
  • Contextualise the problem at hand.
  • Present a critical outlook of both the problem and of the proposed solutions, their impact and their potential to spawn related projects.
  • Involve a European dimension (eg regarding the scale of the problem or the response, or regarding the potential for the initiative to branch out into other European countries).
Funding body Reporters d’Espoirs (Reporters of Hopes)
Maximum value €3,500
Reference ID S24784
Category Arts and Humanities
Fund or call Fund