Pfizer GMG Competitive Grant Program: 2021/2022 Global Obesity ASPIRE

Closing Date: 05/11/2021

Funding to support basic, pre-clinical, clinical and translational research into the pathophysiology and biology of overweight and obesity; understanding Obesity as a disease; and utilising retrospective databases to generate evidence of optimal management of obesity and co-existing comorbid conditions.

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation founded in 1849 and headquartered in New York City. It is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG) support the global healthcare community’s independent initiatives (research, quality improvement or education) to improve patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need that are aligned with Pfizer’s medical and/or scientific strategies.

Within the framework of the ‘2021/2022 Global Obesity ASPIRE’ Requests for Proposals, funding is available for the research into:

  • Pathophysiology and biology of overweight and obesity:
    • Genetics and epigenetics of overweight and obesity.
    • Biomarkers and inflammation/evaluation of circulating biomarkers as predictors of obesity.
    • Adipose tissue regulation and body composition.
    • Relationships between obesity and psychiatric disorders.
    • Understanding weight ‘set point’.
    • Physiology of the weight-reduced and weight-increased states.
    • Mechanistic basis for setting and defending the targeted fat mass.
    • Biological and clinical subtyping of obesity.
    • Prediction of response to anti-obesity therapies (e.g., clinical, genetic, biomarkers).
    • Effects of obesity on aging.
  • Understanding Obesity as a disease:
    • Obesity phenotypes, clinical presentations and trajectories of weight change.
    • Obesity complications (prevalence, costs, burden, impact on QoL, well-being).
    • Social determinants of obesity.
    • Validation of imaging technology to accurately assess obesity.
    • Further informing the public health and policy agenda.
    • Assessment and validation of markers of obesity severity, progression, development of complications.
  • Utilising retrospective databases, generate evidence of optimal management of obesity and co-existing comorbid conditions, such as obesity in patients with heart failure, renal disease, metabolic and chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric diseases, orthopaedic or other musculoskeletal diseases, physical disabilities or in patients after solid organ transplantation.

The following types of research will be considered in-scope:

  • Basic science, pre-clinical research, and clinical research that aligns with the in-scope research topics.
  • Animal experimentation related to human biology.
  • Physiological, cellular, molecular and translational research.
Funding body Pfizer Inc.
Maximum value 250,000 USD
Reference ID S22658
Category Medical Research

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