Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Research Award

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Funding is available for researchers around the world to explore whether ocean alkalinity enhancement has the potential to tackle atmospheric CO2 at scale.

Additional Ventures is a non-profit organisation based in the United States that utilises evidence-based research and subject matter expertise to pursue innovative projects pertaining to biomedical research, climate action and the strengthening of community and democracy.

The organisation, in partnership with Ocean Visions and a consortium of philanthropic funders, is offering funding for scientific teams to systematically assess whether OAE can safely, permanently and cost-effectively sequester atmospheric CO2 at scale. Priority questions for this request for proposals include:

  • Testing and development of OAE approaches.
  • Environmental impacts (positive and negative) over a range of spatial and temporal scales.
  • Quantification of net amounts and long-term stability of CO2 removal after accounting for relevant Earth system feedbacks.
Funding body Additional Ventures
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S24091
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Natural Environment
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