Novo Nordisk Jacobæus Prize

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Prize and research fund to recognise outstanding contributions to physiology or endocrinology and support the ongoing research of the award winner.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF – Novo Nordisk Fonden) is an independent Danish foundation that oversees the commercial and research activities of the companies within the Novo Group. NNF contributes around DKK 5 billion each year for scientific research and humanitarian and social purposes. Its grant programme focuses mainly on Denmark and the Nordic countries, but also includes funding for international collaboration, strategic international initiatives and awards for outstanding researchers.

The Foundation administers the Jacobæus Prize to acknowledge the contributions of outstanding international researchers working within the fields of physiology and endocrinology and support their future research.

The prize winner is invited to present a lecture on their research on a topic within endocrinology or physiology (usually in a Scandinavian university or other European university connected with medical research) and is awarded a fund that includes a personal award and a research grant.

Funding body Novo Nordisk Fonden (NNF – Novo Nordisk Foundation)
Maximum value 1,500,000 DKK
Reference ID S25229
Category Medical Research
Fund or call Fund