Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship

Closing Date: 01/02/2022

Fellowships to support the dissertation research costs of doctoral students in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda on a topic related to peace, security, and development.

The US Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is an independent, international, non-profit organisation that fosters innovative research, nurtures new generations of social scientists, deepens how inquiry is practiced within and across disciplines, and mobilises necessary knowledge on important public issues.

The SSRC runs the Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa programme to strengthen tertiary education in Africa through a series of institutional and individual interventions, creating a pipeline for the development of faculty and research communities.

As part of its actions, the SSRC runs the doctoral dissertation research fellowships to support the dissertation research costs of PhD students on a topic related to peace, security, and development. The programme also includes two workshops to help fellows further develop and strengthen their research, engage key literature in their fields, embark on fieldwork-based research, and develop their capacity for scholarly writing, including academic publications.

The programme encourages innovative research on peace, security, and development topics, moving the boundaries of scholarship and research by exploring concrete linkages between these themes. The vision is to support a diverse set of projects that explore a range of economic, political, social, conflict and peacebuilding processes using evidence-based research.

The following issues are considered relevant to Next Gen fellowships:

  • Causes and drivers of conflict.
  • Institutional and local approaches to conflict prevention, management and resolution.
  • National and regional approaches to peace, security and development.
  • Identity and conflict.
  • Gender, youth, conflict, peace and security.
  • Conflict, peace and human mobilities.
  • Histories, arts and cultures of conflict and peace.
  • State-society relations.
  • Economic and humanitarian perspectives to conflict and peace.
  • Democracy, human rights and development.
  • Post-conflict development, reconstruction and reconciliation.
  • Law, peace agreements and transitional justice.
  • International justice and war crimes.
  • Law and constitutionalism.
  • Natural resource governance and development.
  • Climate change, conflict, peace and security.
  • Globalisation and emerging insecurities.
  • Peace education.
  • Media, conflict, peace and security.

Projects examining both large-scale phenomena and small-scale social processes will be supported, and the strongest projects will typically explore connections across these scales. Projects should advance important fields of study and social science knowledge.

Up to 14 awards will be issued per year.

Funding body Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
Maximum value 15,000 USD
Reference ID S23043
Category Economic and Social Research
Arts and Humanities
Natural Environment
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