The prizes recognise significant contributions that have been made within a wide range of areas related to material engineering.

Extended Description

France’s Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences) has been dedicated to the development of science since its establishment in 1666 and advises government authorities in this field. It is independent and long-standing, placed under the protection of the President of the Republic, and is one of the five academies within the Institut de France. The Academy’s members are representatives from the following two disciplinary divisions: mathematical and physical sciences and science of the universe and their applications (First Division); and chemical, biological and medical sciences and their applications (Second Division).

Its missions are fivefold:

  • Promoting science.
  • Promoting science teaching.
  • Transmitting knowledge.
  • Promoting international collaboration.
  • Providing support through expertise and consultancy.

In partnership with the Fondation Michelin (Michelin Foundation), the Academy will award two prizes in 2021.

  • Grand Prize: This annual Prize recognises a senior researcher who has made a significant contribution to any of the following fields:
    • Physics of polymer materials.
    • Physics of composite materials.
    • Elasticity.
    • Material wear.
    • Calculation and simulation

A sustainable mobility dimension will be associated with these themes.

Hope Prize: This annual prize is awarded to a researcher of less than 40 years old who has significantly contributed to any of the above fields through a major innovation.

Funding body Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences)
Maximum value €30,000
Reference ID S21618
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
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