Meta Research Towards Trustworthy Products in AR, VR, and Smart Devices

Closing Date: 11/05/2022

Support for innovative research exploring unique challenges, threats, attacks, mitigations, and other considerations in the rapidly growing space of AR, VR, smart devices, and the metaverse.

Meta Research works on cutting edge research with a practical focus, and builds long-term relationships with top research institutions around the world. It also publishes papers, give talks, and collaborates broadly with the academic community. Areas include data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision. Research Networking aims to foster further innovation in networking and to deepen Meta’s collaboration with academia.

To help foster a world of trustworthy mixed-reality and smart device products, Meta is interested in a broad range of topics relating to applications such as AR and wearables, VR products, other AR/VR form-factors, smart-device social products, consumer and enterprise use cases etc. Examples might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Novel proposals in silicon, hardware, OS/platform, supply-chain, or anti-tamper in this space – whether they are threats, attacks, or mitigations.
  • User-verifiable privacy controls or privacy-preserving techniques in the context of unique sensors, data, and use cases.
  • Advancements in terms of identity, authentication, authorisation, abuse-prevention, or biometrics, as they pertain to said devices and technologies.
  • Security and privacy advancements in voice assistants, smart devices, smart home cameras, and so on.
  • Novel security and privacy techniques for spatial mapping and localisation, such as local attestation or point cloud geometry hashing.
  • Any novel or new concepts in trustworthiness as applied to the AR/VR and smart devices space that warrant further exploration.
Funding body Meta Research
Maximum value 75,000 USD
Reference ID S23685
Category Science and Technology

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