Meta Research Core Systems Research

Closing Date: 06/06/2022

Support for innovative research focusing on fundamental distributed system challenges.

Meta Research works on cutting edge research with a practical focus, and builds long-term relationships with top research institutions around the world. It also publishes papers, give talks, and collaborates broadly with the academic community. Areas include data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision. Research Networking aims to foster further innovation in networking and to deepen Meta’s collaboration with academia.

Alongside the general area of distributed systems, Meta is particularly interested in partnering with academia to solve the following three areas of interest:

Infrastructure control planes

  • Predictable system performance (reducing outliers)
  • Novel hardware/software co-design
  • Using machine learning to improve system control
  • Platform management
  • Fundamental APIs/abstractions
  • Serverless computing

Service abstractions and efficiency

  • Client/server library abstractions
  • Resource efficiency
  • Infrastructure virtualisation
  • Distributed service architectures

Global service management

  • Service dependency modeling
  • SLO definition methodology and validation
  • Automated capacity planning
  • Load balancing
  • Latency-optimised service placement
  • Deployment and management
Funding body Meta Research
Maximum value 50,000 USD
Reference ID S23684
Category Science and Technology

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