Letten Prize

Closing Date: 06/02/2023

A prize is available to recognise the contributions of young researchers around the world in the areas of health, development, the environment and equality in all aspects of human life.

The Letten Foundation is a Norwegian charity, founded in 1986. The Foundation promotes basic research related to birth defects and to certain aspects of mental illness in order to improve knowledge of brain structure and function. The Foundation also funds research into the health effects associated with environmental pollution to improve understanding of the relation between humanity and the environment. Educational grants, international conferences and awards are also funded through the Foundation.

In collaboration with the Young Academy of Norway, the Letten Foundation launched the Letten Prize in 2018. The objectives of the prize are to celebrate excellence in young researchers and to serve as a platform to increase public awareness and inform debate on research topics linked to tackling major global challenges.

The Prize seeks to honour young researchers from any discipline whose research addresses major global challenges linked to health, development, the environment and equality in all aspects of human life. The Foundation is particularly interested in research that has an international impact, is interdisciplinary in nature and can be disseminated among the general public.

Funding body Letten Foundation
Maximum value 2,500,000 NOK
Reference ID S24689
Category Arts and Humanities
Biotechnology and Biology
Economic and Social Research
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
Natural Environment
Science and Technology
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