InnoScot Health Innovation Support

Closing Date: 31/12/2022

Support for the development of innovative ideas for commercially viable healthcare products or services created by people working in health or social care in Scotland.

InnoScot Health is a research and development agency that works alongside NHS Scotland to support the development of innovative ideas for healthcare products and services with commercial potential. The focus of InnoScot Health is on the commercial interface between the NHS and the healthcare investment community and encouraging ideas from people with the experience and insight of the needs and challenges to help NHS Scotland maintain and improve its capability and standards of service.

Individuals working within health and social care in Scotland are able to approach InnoScot with ideas for commercially viable healthcare products or services, such as ideas for new or improved medical devices, equipment, software, technologies or services with the potential to advance patient care and provide benefit to NHS Scotland.

InnoScot is able to assess ideas for their potential and viability and provide early-stage/seed funding, assistance with applications for funding, complicance with regulations, project development, commercialisation and IP.

InnoScot may also issue themed proposals to seek ideas for innovations within specified areas of health and social care.

Funding body InnoScot Health
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S24239
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
Fund or call Fund