Henry Jacques Le Même Architecture Writing Prize

Closing Date: 25/09/2023

Monetary prizes are available to reward French-language writing on the theme of architecture.

The Société française des architectes (SFA – French Society of Architects) is a French organisation dedicated to the promotion of architecture as a profession by supporting quality in architecture and encouraging teaching in the field. The Society hosts national and international conferences, bringing together architects, historians, theoreticians and philosophers.

The Society operates an annual competition, named the Henry Jacques Le Même Prize, an architecture writing competition with the goal of bringing together the art of writing and the art of construction while reanimating discussion between the disciplines of architecture and writing. Applicants are invited to produce a written text representing an understanding and a detailed depiction of a place. The text may belong to any literary genre, with the only condition being that the text is centrally focused on a constructed building.

Funding body Société française des architectes (SFA – French Society of Architects)
Maximum value €2,500
Reference ID S25377
Category Arts and Humanities
Fund or call Fund