Future of UK Treescapes Programme – Research Solutions for UK Treescape Expansion and Resilience Call

Closing Date: 14/01/2022

Funding for interdisciplinary projects that seek to improve the expansion and resilience of UK treescapes at different scales under the Future of UK Treescapes programme.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), has issued a call for proposals to improve the expansion and resilience of UK treescapes at different scales under the Future of UK Treescapes programme.

Future of UK Treescapes is an interdisciplinary programme, led by NERC, that seeks to significantly improve the environmental, socioeconomic and cultural understanding of the functions and services provided by UK treescapes. The aim is to inform decision-making on the expansion of future treescapes for the benefits of the environment and society. ‘Treescapes’ are landscapes in which trees are an important element eg woodland, parks or hedgerows. Three research themes have been identified to address the overarching objectives of the programme:

  • Theme 1: Forms, functions and values of UK treescapes.
  • Theme 2: Opportunities, barriers and pathways for expansion of UK treescapes.
  • Theme 3: Resilience of UK treescapes to global change.

This Research Solutions for UK Treescape Expansion and Resilience call is the second call for proposals under the Future of UK Treescapes programme. Applications are invited for projects that address gaps and research priorities not covered by the projects funded under the first call for proposals. Gaps include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscape-scale effects of treescape expansion.
  • Barriers to, and challenges of, treescape expansion on farmland.
  • Ecological impacts of treescape expansion.
  • Economic and financial aspects of expansion, including the potential for new or expanded wood-based industries and tree nurseries.

In particular, projects are encouraged that take a solutions-focused approach to addressing the ‘real world’ evidence needs of a diverse community of policymakers, stakeholders and practitioners associated with treescape expansion and resilience at different scales.

Proposals must address at least one of the three overall programme themes. Within this context, proposals should also focus on one or more of the following priorities for this opportunity:

  • Investigating the challenges and benefits of delivering treescape expansion at a landscape scale.
  • Exploring, testing and designing innovative ways to future-proof the UK’s treescapes.
  • Developing frameworks for decision-making about treescape establishment and management.

Proposals must take an interdisciplinary approach that crosses at least two of the three funding research council boundaries. The funders are seeking collaborations that will generate new perspectives and solutions, and they also welcome engagement from research areas that have previously rarely engaged in this field.

Strong engagement with wider stakeholders and users of research is a requirement of this opportunity.

Funding body Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Maximum value £625,000
Reference ID S23035
Category Arts and Humanities
Economic and Social Research
Natural Environment
Fund or call Fund