Future Earth Communication Grants

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Grants to support the dissemination of research and scientific outcomes in pathways to sustainability research beyond the scientific community.

Future Earth is an international research programme and network, funded by a range of private and public foundations, government agencies, universities and other groups, that is designed to provide the knowledge required to support and accelerate the transformations to global sustainability. It supports a global network of scientists, researchers and innovators to facilitate research, catalyse innovation, and synthesise knowledge.

The Future Earth Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative aims to address the challenges involved in implementing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by supporting the production of knowledge and enhancing understanding of the systemic interactions, competing development agendas, and transformations in defined contexts across diverse temporal and spatial scales.

Within the framework of the Pathways for Sustainability Initiative, Future Earth provides Communication Grants to support the dissemination of scientific findings of place-based sustainability research projects beyond the scientific community. The objective is to ensure that scientific contributions supporting the development of pathways to sustainability reach relevant audiences beyond the scientific community.

Proposals must be based on completed outcomes of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary place-based research projects that advance the understanding of at least one of the following three aspects of pathways for sustainability:

  • How to navigate competing development agendas and claims on resources in order to foster transformative change in complex human-environment systems.
  • How transformations can be mobilised through processes of knowledge co-production in order to enable expansion of integrated pathways to sustainability in a specific context.
  • How pathways and processes of transformation, which are highly context specific, interact across locations and scales with other processes of transformation to produce knock-on tensions and/or synergies.

Research outcomes must contribute to the development of pathways for sustainability in practice. They must not be limited to disseminating knowledge on the state of the problem.

The supported communication products must be based on completed research outcomes or synthesis, and be ready to be turned into a communication piece. Communications products in any language relevant to the target audience (aligned with the needs of the target audience) ​​can be supported.

Funding body Future Earth
Maximum value €10,000
Reference ID S25320
Category Natural Environment
Biotechnology and Biology
Economic and Social Research
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