ESRC – Explore Experiences and Outcomes of the Family Justice System

Closing Date: 20/10/2022

Funding available to better our understanding of children and families’ experiences and outcomes of the family justice system.

This is a collaboration with Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK) and the Ministry of Justice, analysing the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Data First family court data.

ESRC are looking for fellowship proposals that meet the following three objectives:

  • Useful research: proposals that will act as ‘pathfinders’ for conducting research and deriving insights from the datasets, which showcase the potential for policy impact and public benefit
  • Useful data: to develop the data as a useful research resource for future users
  • Useful engagement: to foster opportunities between academia, government, the third sector and the public that allow fresh thinking to flourish and maintain public acceptance for the use of data for research purposes.

Strong applications will demonstrate links to the Ministry of Justice ARI and research priorities set out below. However, this is not an exhaustive list and applicants are encouraged to think creatively. The research topics are:

  • Long-running proceedings (protracted proceedings) and their impact on children and families
  • Repeat use of the family court
  • How public and private law cases overlap
  • The characteristics of cases involving litigants in person (those in court without legal representation)
  • Regional variation
  • Use of mediation.
Funding body Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
Maximum value £145,000
Reference ID S23975
Category Economic and Social Research
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