ERS Clinical Research Collaboration Programme in Respiratory Medicine

Closing Date: 15/10/2021

Funding to support the establishment and operation of European multi-centre research networks focused on clinical and translational research in respiratory medicine.

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) programme supports the development of multi-centre research networks focusing on clinical and translational research in respiratory medicine.

The aims of an ERS CRC are to:

  • Promote the exchange of research ideas among clinicians and affiliated scientists in Europe and/or globally
  • Plan, conduct, evaluate and publish clinical and translational studies
  • Gain eligibility for network funding
  • Build an infrastructure for prospective clinical research
  • Agree on standardised approaches to address specific research needs

A collaboration may involve representatives from European and non-European countries, as well as members and non-members of the ERS. A CRC should represent different scientific disciplines which complement the network with multispecialty, multidisciplinary and multifunctional know-how and expertise.

Outputs of a CRC would typically be scientific products, such as original articles for publication in scientific journals or abstract submission for presentation at scientific congresses.

The CRC should decide on priority research questions, guided by unmet medical need and need to gather real world evidence/data in a multi-centre research study, then work to develop and share new research protocols on clinically orientated topics of the relevant disease area and lead the development of priority research projects in the field.

Each year, the ERS Science Council encourages proposals in identified key areas where there are potential gaps in the CRC portfolio by providing a ‘highlight notice’.

Funding from the ERS is to support routine expenses of the CRC during project development. The ERS does not provide financial support for research or clinical studies and/or trials conducted by the network. If appropriate and relevant, grant applications for research and/or network funding should be submitted to the EU and/or other funding agencies with the aim of funding the activities of the CRC.

On conclusion of the three-year funding period, the CRC may conclude its activities, or apply for a further three-year funding period, or apply to retain the ERS CRC ‘badge’ without funding support.

Funding body European Respiratory Society (ERS)
Maximum value €45,000
Reference ID S22533
Category Medical Research

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