EPSRC Call to Establish a Future Communications Systems Early-Stage Federated Hub

Closing Date: 01/11/2022

Funding for multi-university or institution consortia to establish a platform in a core research area in the future communications systems space.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has launched this opportunity to support three federated and connected platforms in the future communications systems space.

These initial exploratory platforms will enable applicants to work flexibly in order to network with, and leverage support from, the existing communications landscape. They will also provide support for research with focus on lower technology readiness level (TRL) discovery science which should gear towards translation to high TRL challenges.

Over three years, EPSRC are asking applicants to:

  • Discover the pipeline of ideas and solutions to problems that cannot yet be solved.
  • Develop those technologies and emergent ideas that are not yet ready for market.
  • Exploit routes for deployment of technologies that are ready.

These activities will help EPSRC explore opportunities for further investment in future communications systems similar to the quantum technology hubs, if funding enables.

Each platform will:

  • Coordinate with the existing research community and the other funded platforms.
  • Enable impact of existing outcomes of research.
  • Drive the push of emergent ideas and technology towards market.
  • Address user-inspired, high TRL challenges with lower TRL research.

Applications should include expertise or understanding across the breadth of the scope, where appropriate, to better enable the interface with the wider community. However, any programme of research does not need to encompass the whole scope.

Applications will be invited covering one of the following core research areas:

  • Network of networks.
  • Wireless and wired systems and spectrum.
  • Cloud and distributed computing.

Each platform should also cover some or all of the following cross-cutting themes, as appropriate:

  • Security, resilience and trust.
  • Open networking: interoperability and integration of open network solutions and multi-vendor architectures.
  • Accessibility and human-centric aspects of communications: coverage and quality of access and a consideration of ethics, societal, economic and political impact.
  • Sustainability: end-to-end energy efficiency, energy harvesting, network redundancy and resilience of power systems (capacity planning).
Funding body Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Maximum value £2,000,000
Reference ID S24293
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
Science and Technology
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