EIT Community New European Bauhaus Call for Proposals for Co-Creation of Public Space through Citizen Engagement

Closing Date: 29/05/2022

Funding from the New European Bauhaus to resolve challenges that the cities, peri-urban and rural areas face. Proposals will involve citizen engagement in their approach.

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is an environmental, economic and cultural project, aiming to combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment in order to help deliver the European Green Deal. The objective of the NEB is to articulate, in an innovative way, its three core values of: sustainability (including circularity); aesthetics (and other dimensions of the quality of experience beyond functionality); and inclusion (including accessibility and affordability).

The following three key principles guide and integrate the New European Bauhaus dimensions’ development:

  • A multilevel approach: from global to local.
  • A participatory approach.
  • A transdisciplinary approach.

Based on the analysis of the inputs received during the co-design phase, the New European Bauhaus is guided by the following four thematic axes:

  • Reconnecting with nature.
  • Regaining a sense of belonging.
  • Prioritising the places and people that need it the most.
  • The need for long-term, life cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem.

This call for proposals aims to resolve challenges that cities, peri-urban and rural areas face, focusing on NEB challenges in public spaces through citizen engagement. The call will identify inspirational, beautiful, sustainable and inclusive project proposals, demonstrating new solutions that boost the transformation of cities, peri-urban and rural areas by bringing individuals and communities closer to nature, bringing sense of belonging, addressing the needs of territories and communities that require specific attention, and transforming value chains and the lifespan of materials towards circularity.

Cities, regions or affiliated entities must provide the following when developing the proposal:

  • Integration of project proposal or solution into the planned or current public realm improvement project or city strategy; and
  • An approved public realm infrastructure where project proposal or solution can boost its implementation and co-design with citizens; or
  • Availability of physical public spaces where the new project proposal can improve their qualities following New European Bauhaus challenges and by implementing the New European Bauhaus approach.

All proposals must embed and integrate all three core New European Bauhaus values (sustainability, aesthetics, inclusion) and all the three key New European Bauhaus principles (multilevel, participatory, transdisciplinary approach) into their projects. They must also address at least one of the NEB’s four thematic axes.

Overall six selected projects (ideally minimum one proposal per NEB Challenge) can be implemented in six regions/cities located in the European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries from 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022.

Selected projects will have the opportunity to interact with the New European Bauhaus Community, NEBLab and other relevant NEB activities through sharing information, best practice, and, where relevant, results.

Funding body European Commission
Maximum value €45,000
Reference ID S23673
Category Economic and Social Research
Natural Environment
Arts and Humanities
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Fund or call Fund