EASP Extraordinary Grants: Social Psychology Ambassadors

Closing Date: 30/06/2023

Grants to support social psychology researchers working as ambassadors to promote social psychological research in European regions that have a less developed academic infrastructure or representation of social psychology.

The European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), based in the Netherlands, is a membership organisation that promotes excellence in social psychology research in Europe. The EASP supports research in a variety of ways and publishes a range of journals to encourage scientific communication among European social psychologists and connect European scholars to the community of social psychologists in the world at large.

The EASP Social Psychology Ambassadors scheme provides funding for social sciences researchers to promote social science research in European regions (broadly defined) that have a less developed academic infrastructure or representation of social psychology, or on regional topics that have received less interest in mainstream social psychology (or a combination of both).

Funding will be awarded for three ambassadors, who will develop innovative ways to connect researchers, reach out to policy makers or communities and/or to conduct (initial) research on topics that are so far overlooked.

Ambassadors should propose activities and measures that:

  • Increase the regional/topical/research approach diversity within EASP
  • Lead to a transfer of knowledge on relevant dimensions and skills, and support the local/regional academic career of the ambassador and their network and collaboration partners
  • Have a local/regional impact in anchoring social psychology in the respective academic and societal landscape
Funding body European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)
Maximum value €8,500
Reference ID S25114
Category Economic and Social Research
Fund or call Fund