DMT Research Project Grants – The Ageing Immune System

Closing Date: 20/01/2023

Research grants for projects focusing on the ageing immune system and its influence on the development of frailty, cognitive decline and gut microbiome.

Based in the UK, the Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT) supports academic and clinical researchers to understand the mechanisms of ageing and treat age-related diseases and frailty.

DMT’s Research Project Grants – The Ageing Immune System call is a response to DMT’s 2020-2025 Strategic Framework. Since its publication, DMT has taken a thematic and focused approach to funding, with the aim of supporting under-funded areas and encouraging the research community to work collaboratively with those delivering care and services for older people.

The ageing immune system has been identified by the British Society for Research on Ageing as an under-funded area of great importance. After an initial seed funding call and consultation with DMT’s Research Grants Committee and the CARINA (CAtalyst Reducing ImmuNe Ageing) network, this Research Project Grants call has been developed and is targeted at proposals focusing on areas such as immune system markers, cell/tissue interactions, potential targets for interventions and the use of various methodologies (eg ‘omics’). This will build knowledge on the influence of the ageing immune system on:

  • The development of frailty, including, but not limited to, the mechanisms, the effects of gender and/or other characteristics etc.
  • Cognitive decline and vice versa.
  • Gut microbiome and vice versa, including, but not limited to, any links to age-related issues.

This call is open to applicants who did not receive one of the seed funding awards, provided the proposal aligns to at least one of the highlighted research topics. Ageing immune system seed funding award holders are eligible to apply for follow-on projects to their seed funding awards, irrespective of whether they align to the research topics outlined in this call.

Proposals must contain plans for patient, carer and/or public involvement in appropriate aspects of the proposed study and its development. There should be support for capacity-building and researcher career development in ageing-related research during and beyond the lifetime of the proposed study. Equity, diversity and inclusion should be addressed in all aspects of the project.

Funding body Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT)
Maximum value £400,000
Reference ID S24494
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Medical Research
Fund or call Fund