BBSRC Responsive Mode Spotlights

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Funding mechanism to provide simpler, more agile and dynamic targeting of particular areas of timely strategic BBSRC interest, opportunity or need.

The aim of the BBSRC Responsive Mode Spotlight mechanism is to provide simpler, more agile and dynamic targeting of particular areas of timely strategic interest, opportunity or need. This is in line with the broader strategic research and innovation priorities set out in the BBSRC Strategic Delivery Plan 2022 to 2025 and Forward Look for UK Bioscience.

In addition to the spotlight areas that are active at any given time, BBSRC continues to encourage proposals that align with its broader and longer-term priorities (which are largely inclusive of the previously articulated Research Priority areas). It also welcomes investigator-led applications across all areas of BBSRC’s research remit.

A small number of Responsive Mode Spotlight areas will be in operation at any one time, in line with the more targeted nature of the new mechanism. Spotlights will typically run for a full year (three responsive mode rounds).

The Responsive Mode Spotlight areas are:

  • Building stronger biological understanding of the role of nutrition on human health across the life course (23RM1, 23RM2, 23RM3 spotlight)
  • Bioelectricity as a holistic approach to understand diverse (microbial) cell behaviours (23RM1, 23RM2, 23RM3 spotlight)
  • Fundamental research to enhance animal welfare (23RM1, 23RM2, 23RM3 spotlight)
  • Increase biological understanding of the nutritional needs across the life course and the population
  • Understand the impact of changing diets and dietary patterns on nutrition intake and health
  • Develop and improve methods, tools and standards to quantify nutrient and dietary intake

New spotlights will be added into rotation on a round-by-round basis. It will be made clear from the outset how long each spotlight will run for and which responsive mode rounds will apply. This will provide prospective applicants more time to hone their proposals than single-round research highlights have previously allowed.

Consideration will be given to portfolio evidence and advisory intelligence in selecting new spotlight areas, as will the need for overall strategic balance and balancing anticipated demands on each of the four research committees.

Funding body Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S24403
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
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