AXA Research Fund Call for Proposals: Mitigating Risk in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

AXA Research Fund Call for Proposals: Mitigating Risk in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

AXA Group is a multinational investment banking firm based in Paris, France, that engages in global investment banking, investment management, insurance and other financial services. The AXA Research Fund was established in 2007 as a scientific philanthropy initiative and funds projects in the areas of health, climate and environment, new technologies, and socio-economics.

The AXA Research Fund: Mitigating Risk in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic ‘exceptional flash’ call for proposals seeks to respond to current and future effects of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic on communities, health systems and the environment. AXA recognises that quality data is key in determining rates of infections and the effectiveness of lockdown measures, as well as providing the possible options to re-starting the economy while decreasing negative impact on human lives. Funding is therefore available for work in the following areas:

Protecting vulnerable populations from epidemics and catastrophes, including COVID-19, such as migrants, informal settlements, workers in the informal economy, isolated people, disabled people and older people.

Improving data collection and quality in health:

How can data and technology help to overcome, understand and mitigate the current crisis?

How can it inform future containment and epidemic control?

Understanding the effects of confinement and social distancing:

What are the effects of confinement and social distancing on society and households?

What are the mental health consequences?

What are the social and domestic repercussions?

Early warning and preparedness:

How can health infrastructures and ecosystems be strengthened (including medical devices and drug supply) to be better prepared?

How can health workers and caregivers be protected?

Preserving the environment and health:

The connections between climate change, biodiversity loss and the origin of viral disease, including socioeconomic dynamics leading to infectious disease outbreaks and sanitary crisis.

Learnings from COVID-19 for mitigating future related crises in climate and biodiversity.

Preference will be given to projects with a local focus and potential applicability on a global scale.

Applications are accepted from academic institutions in any country worldwide. NGOs, governmental bodies, foundations, cultural institutions (eg museums) and hospitals are not eligible to apply but are welcome to be involved as collaborators when it is necessary for the proposed research. Preference will be given to pre-established parterships. Institutions can present only one candidate per institution department.

Candidates should be mid-career researchers (ie 6-10 years post-PhD) and should be of the highest calibre. They must have demonstrated outstanding research achievements, as evidenced by the common indicators for assessing academic excellence (eg research outputs, activities and impact).

Up to €250,000 is available for the whole duration of the project. Grants can last between 12 and 24 months, and up to 36 months if justified. Projects selected for funding are expected to start between July and November 2020. Early results should be given in the following 12 months.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 7 May 2020 (16:00 CEST).

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