AI for Information Security call for proposals – fall 2021

Closing Date: 08/10/2021

Funding and AWS Promotional Credits to support research at academic institutions and non-profit organisations in areas that align with Amazon’s mission to advance customer-obsessed science. Relevant research areas include robotics, machine learning, security, and more.

AWS is committed to helping you achieve the highest levels of security in the cloud. Our security services use cutting edge machine learning algorithms to improve the security posture of AWS accounts. We aim to continue advancing the state of the art in some of the most challenging problems in information security. We are seeking to fund machine learning research on the following topics in information security:

  • Threat, intrusion and anomaly detection for cloud security
  • ML for malware analysis and detection
  • Finding security vulnerabilities using ML
  • Protecting and preserving data privacy in the cloud
  • Learning with limited/noisy labels and weakly supervised learning
  • Causal inference for information security
  • Graph modeling and anomaly detection on graphs
  • Zero/One-shot learning for information security

Selected Principal Investigators (PIs) may receive the following:

  • Unrestricted funds, no more than $80,000 on average
  • AWS Promotional Credits, no more than $20,000 on average
  • Training resources, including AWS tutorials and hands-on sessions with Amazon scientists and engineers

Awards are structured as one-year unrestricted gifts.

Funding body, Inc.
Maximum value 80,000 USD
Reference ID S21589
Category Science and Technology
Engineering and Physical Sciences

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