Aging Biology Foundation Grants Programme

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The programme is available for researchers worldwide and projects that may provide a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of healthy human ageing.

Aging Biology Foundation EU and the US are non-profit organisations seeking to advance understanding of fundamental mechanisms of healthy human ageing through global collaborative research.

Both foundations, together with co-investors, provide support for projects to better understand the fundamental mechanisms of healthy human ageing.

Of interest are joint projects with researchers who have access to genetic, epigenetic, biochemical, clinical data, blood and tissue samples for:

  • Analysing collected human data and samples by parallel multi-omics approaches including sequencing, profiling for chromatin structure, transcriptomics, proteomics etc.
  • Cross-sectional (different ages) and longitudinal research focused on the collection and analysis of data for healthy individuals.
  • Creating statistical models predicting risks of age-associated diseases for healthy people based on the results of data processing.
Funding body Nadace Aging Biology Foundation EU
Maximum value 8,000,000 USD
Reference ID S24417
Category Science and Technology
Biotechnology and Biology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
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