Advancing Precision Medicine Competition

Closing Date: 08/03/2023

UK businesses and research organisations can apply for grants to carry out projects focused on developing digital and data-enabled tools as well as multi-modal approaches in precision medicine.

This competition is operated by Innovate UK (IUK). IUK is the UK’s innovation agency and is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK Government. IUK works with people, companies and partner organisations to de-risk, enable and support innovation, and promote UK economic growth.

The Advancing Precision Medicine Competition will fund industry-led collaborative projects which aim to:

  • More accurately diagnose conditions and stratify patients to the most appropriate treatments.
  • Increase the application of integrated and multi-modal approaches to determine risk and diagnosis and to predict prognostic outcomes.

Proposals must demonstrate how they addresses an unmet clinical need or responds to NHS demand signalling.

Funded proposals can include:

  • Experimental evaluation, within a clinical environment.
  • Prototyping.
  • Product development planning.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • A demonstration of clinical utility and effectiveness.
  • Regulatory planning.

This is round 1 of a 2-round competition: Round 1 focuses on musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions excluding oncology.

Round 2 will focus on oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions.

Funding body Innovate UK (IUK)
Maximum value £700,000
Reference ID S24711
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
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